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Genshin Sleepy Babies Glitter Epoxy Acrylic Keychains

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6 cm.(2.5 inches) Double-sided Glitter Epoxy Acrylic charms of Genshin boys, cuddly and sleepy edition ! Comes with gold/silver heart clasps !


VOL. 1 Consists of :

- Childe

- Diluc & Kaeya

- Kazuha

- Ayato & Ayaka

- Xiao

- Xiao ( Special one sided red Xiao )

- Zhongli

- Aether & Lumine

-  Venti

VOL. 2 Consists of :

- Hutao

- Albedo & Klee

- Kokomi 

- Tighnari 

- Cyno 

- Nahida

- Raiden

- Wanderer

VOL. 3 Consists of :

- Alhaitham & Kaveh

- Neuvilette (NEW)

- Fontaine Siblings (NEW)


*Characters labelled (NEW) are preorders (eg. Lyney, Lynette, Freminet, Furina, Neuvilette, Wriothesley, Arlecchino) ! If your order contains them, please allow upto 2-3 months of production after preorder closes before shipping~

PREORDER CLOSING DATE : 15th OCT(same as claw clips)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Liliána Katymarac
Little babies!!

I bought two keychains a Tartaglia one for myself and an Albedo&Klee one for my friend, i hope she will like it. As for myself I think they're really cute and beautiful. Not to mention that the quality is perfect. I also got a sticker with mine as well.
I would like to come back in the future to buy some other things.

Alvin Chen
Sleepy Hutao Keychain

got it for my friend as a birthday gift, she absolutely adored it

So pretty!!

I really love the glitter and the rounded edges of the charm itself, the heart clasp is also really pretty, and the chibis are just so cute!

Yidan Wang
So cute!

I received the keychain and it's the cutest thing ever! for everyone's reference I had this little guy delivered to Germany the tax was 1.6 euro, plus the standard custom clear fee of 6 euros that you'd need to pay for ANY taxable international parcels (flat fee. you can buy more and the fee is still 6). I was expecting this because I did a lot of international purchases so this is just a reminder for people who didn't know!

Erin Hall
Sleepy baby charms!

I love my Wanderer and Kaeya + Diluc charms! They are so cute and I love how sparkly they are!