Shipping information

✿ Shipping Information 

Hello ! This page will be detailing the starting costs to ship and countries my national postage will cover. Normally, I take around 1-5 days to prepare for shipping instock items, but if you order preorder items, please take note that it might take longer to ship out your items including manufacturing time. Please note that my standard shipping method DOES NOT come with a tracking number ! If you would like your package to be tracked, please add "tracking number" shipping upgrade to your order !


Another important thing to note is that my national postage service can be as fast as 5 days shipping time, or take as long as 40ish days to arrive to you. There's really no telling with them, even if you have a tracking number, and there's not much I can do about it :( Please contact me via email for urgent orders so we can discuss on EMS shipping upgrades !


** "USPS" shipping upgrade is also available for shipments to USA. You will receive both tracking number and a much MUCH faster delivery. ( 5-7 days)


 Currently shipping to :

 ✿ Countries 
Starting shipping fee(50g)
Group 1 : Japan $3.5
Group 2 : Korea $3.0
Group 3 : Netherlands $3.0
Group 4 : Bhutan, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam $3.5
Group 5 : China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines $3.5
Group 6 : United Arab Emirates(UAE) $3.5
Group 7 : Algeria, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Czech Rep, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Maldives, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Turkey  $4.0
Group 8 : France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Monaco, Russian Fed., Spain, United Kingdom  $4.0
Group 9 : Australia, Austria, Canada, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Luxenberg, South Africa $4.0
Group 10 : Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland $4.5
Group 11 : Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia $4.5
Group 12 : New Zealand $4.5
Group 13 : United States of America $7.0
Group 14 : Local (Thailand) $1.5


**Rates are adjusted yearly by the national post office, I have no controls over this ! Thank you for understanding ToT

If you have any inquiries regarding shipping or ordering over 2 kg., please contact me !