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Genshin Sleepy Babies VOL.1 Stickers

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6 cm.(2.5 inches) PVC stickers of the Genshin babies cuddly and sleepy edition ! They are UV colors printed, mrproof, scratch-resistant, and staying vibrant for up to 1-3 years of usage ! 


VOL. 1 Consists of :

- Childe

- Diluc & Kaeya

- Kazuha

- Ayato & Ayaka

- Xiao

- Zhongli

- Aether & Lumine

-  Venti


These stickers have white borders !

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

They were exactly as expected! Very pleased with them ♡


[INSTOCK] Genshin Sleepy Babies VOL.1 Stickers

I bought stickers again so that I could review

As the title suggests I am a second time buyer. Shipping to my country takes forever due to our postal system being the slowest on earth, but i was really incredibly impressed. Thus with my second purchase of goods (i only have so much self control) I decided to add a sticker of this set again so that I could give an honest review.
These lil guys are so freakin cute. I absolutely adore them. Great quality 100/10 would sticker again. Even the sticker sealing the envelope? Bro, the service. Did I mention my name was freakin' hand written??? Hello?
Considering service and the quality of the sticker - take my kingdom and my paycheck. I'll be back again sooner than I can afford. 500 stars.

Noemi Arquero
Sweepy Babies

I got the Childe and Lumine/Aether stickers from this pack. The designs are absolutely adorable, the quality is super great and I absolutely adore the sticker! I bought some of the other sets and I will be buying more! <3 Thank you so much!!!

Sally Kung
Great Quality Stickers

Arrived on time in pristine condition. Great additions to your journalling or Genshin tracking