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Sleepy babies keychain : Quicksand version

Sleepy babies keychain : Quicksand version

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Alternative version of the sleepy babies keychains : Still sleepy, but this time, with  quicksand flowing in the back !

Available for 3 characters :

- Neuvillette (GENSHIN)

- Imbibitor Lunae (HSR)

- Blade (HSR) : purple sand and red sand ver.

- Childe Delusion (GENSHIN) NEW !

- Furina & Focalor (GENSHIN) NEW !

- Merkomi / Kokomi Mermaid (GENSHIN) NEW !

- Aventurine (HSR) NEW PO !

- Dr.ratio (HSR) NEW PO !

🌼 Product specs :

- 7x5x1 cm (length,width,thickness) THEY'RE THICKK

- Very mesmerizing quicksand that flows in the back of the design🥹 Don't catch yourself staring at them throughout the day !

- They are a tiny bit heavier than most keychains, at 45g roughly.

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