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[PREORDER] Quicksand Phone Case / Merkomi

[PREORDER] Quicksand Phone Case / Merkomi

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Quicksand phone case in the pattern Serene Merkomi The case itself has a soft shell with transparent background, with purple sand glitters in the void space.

*Recommended for White / Black / Blue / Purple / Pink

^ This is purely aesthetic recommendation ! Please don't let my recommendation restrict you from your choice of favs <3 You do you !💕


* This listing is only for phone case. *GRIPTOK NOT INCLUDED* Please choose add-on items if you'd like a matching set.

* Quicksand phone case are prone to bubbles ! These are normal and can happen during production/usage. They do not count as defects ❌

* The phone case shell is SOFT. So I'm not too concern that they will break, but in the case of LEAKAGE, please contact me immediately !!


PO closes on 14 Jan 2024 and will take 2-3 months of production not accounting for any production & transportation delays. Please only order with this knowledge in mind. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding !

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